Month: September 2017

How Are Golf Balls Made?!

I like to golf. Its one of my favorite past times. Sometimes I just love to hit the driving range in the evening and take my mind off the rest of the world. Recently, I’ve become fascinated with how simple things are made. The golf ball for instance recently struck my curiosity. How are these little balls made to go so far?! How are they so durable when we swing at them with such force?!

I started doing some research on the science behind a quality golf ball and found out some very interesting information I would love to share with you.

One ball goes through 80 steps and takes almost 30 days to make! The center of the ball is made of a very reactive rubber, that helps the ball travel farther when the club hits it. Around the core, a molding is used to make the shell and dimples. Heat and pressure are used to meld the core with the outer shell. Spray guns are then used to paint the ball. 

The process is monitored extremely carefully and must meet the USGA standards. Different machines also test the balls ability for any golfer. With the amount of new technology available golf balls are expected to be able to go even further than they can now. While this can be a good thing, it can also be a disadvantage for the players when the golf balls start to travel too far.

I found this information fascinating. Its important to know how the equipment functions or is made for any sport, so you can perform at a higher level. Just as a lawyer must spend years in school to understand their profession. Having the knowledge can give you the ability to be an all around better player.

Something as simple as a golf ball goes through almost a 30 day process to help make sure an athlete can perform at their best. That inspires me to want to do little things at my best and strive to play the game better whenever I can.

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