I’ve known a lot of golfers in my life.  It’s a universal man’s game.  You just never know who plays by looking at him.  Some people think golf is a rich man’s game, but that’s not true.   There are clubs where you can play and not break your bank.  Of course, there are courses where the green-fees are pretty steep.  You have to have some money to play and some riches to fit-in with the players.  And everybody knows, Donald Trump plays golf.

There are eighteen Trump courses world-wide.  There are three in Florida, three in New York, two in New Jersey, two in Philadelphia, one in North Carolina, one in Washington D.C. and one in California.  In addition, there are courses overseas: two in Dubai, one in Ireland, and two courses in the country where the game originated, Scotland.

“The Donald” has played them all of course.  Perhaps, his love of golf comes from his wealth and success.  Or maybe he is attracted to the game because of his mother, who was from Scotland.  But I think it’s his love of sports that makes him want to play.  Mr. Trump played baseball when he was young and has loved sports all his life.  He admitted in a recent interview that as an older man, he doesn’t play the more physical sports and golf is more to his liking now.

There was something else and it’s important.  A golf course is a great place to create and cultivate relationships.  You can tell a lot about a man’s character by how he wins and loses.  Does he win with grace and lose with humility?  Does a winner gloat or thank his opponents for a great game?  Does a loser congratulate or throw a fit?  Trump said a golf course is a great place to make deals.  As president, he’ll host world leaders on the golf course and negotiate for the American people.  He’ll invite congressman and senators for a round and ask for their support on issues that benefit all Americans.  And the fact that he owns a golf course in Washington, D.C. is real convenient for everybody.

A golf course: Where Donald Trump will make America great again.