With Alabama’s winter fast approaching, it’s a good idea to get the Heat and air systems checked out before something goes wrong.  It would be a shame to wake up on a cold December morning with no heat.  So I called-up Brown Heating and Cooling.  You can find them online.   So Brown’s maintenance technician came out and checked our system.  We got to talking and he turned-out to be and avid golfer.  What a coincidence!  I play golf and was anxious to show-off my new nine-iron.  So we’re standing in the middle of the living room, taking practice swings and critiquing one-another’s technique.  We were having a great time until…my wife came home.  

There’s something two men bonding over a golf club in a living room that a wife just can’t stand.  It must be all the swinging.  At least, that’s what she said. Something about accidentally smashing a lamp or something.  So, she threw us both out of the house where we made arrangements to play at a local course.  

We went to Bent Brook over on Dickey Springs Road in Bessemer.  It’s a working-man’s course where you don’t go broke on greens fees.  It’s open to the public and adjacent to the Bent Brook subdivision.  My new friend, Russell lives there and it’s a nice place.  We tee’d-up and went to swinging.  

Russell invited a couple of guys he knows and I got to know them while we played.  We all played at different levels. None of are pro’s by any stretch, but we play for the love of the game.  

There’s something else.  Guys like us play for the camaraderie.  Nothing brings out the best in a man like good old-fashioned competition.  It’s a distraction from the job, family, responsibilities, and anything else that causes stress. Life is challenging and so is playing golf.  But it’s a challenge we choose instead of having it thrust upon us.  It gives us a feeling of being in control and men love being in control.  Win or lose, at the end of the day we all had a good time, man-style.  What’s  important is that I made three new friends.  We’re playing again next weekend.