The Best Part of Golf

One of the things about golf is that it’s what you make of it.  Golf can be tedious and boring if you make it to be.  It can also be very serious, and that usually means it won’t be fun.  Well, for a lot of people golf isn’t serious and it isn’t boring.  That’s because there is a lot of fun to be had on the golf course.  Fun in the way of stories that are able to be told without having to worry about who hears you!

I remember one time I was in Birmingham, Alabama playing golf with Jamie White of Brown Heating and Cooling.   Jamie wasn’t too brilliant with the clubs, he’d even admit it as much.  But man, did we have fun.  He wasn’t out there marking off his shots like Tiger Woods.  He just came out to have fun and tell stories.  And Jamie sure could tell some.  I thought I’d heard some whoppers in my time from my late Granddad.  But Jamie rivaled him every step of the way.

He told about this one time that him and all of his buddies went to the golf course half drunk at night.  One of them was a city council member, and as such, he had some, let’s say, special perks to the municipal golf course.  As such, he had a key to get in.  And not only did they get in, but they then decided to all grab golf carts and have a race.  Now, there were a few small problems there.  There was the fact that you’ve got several drunk men around.  And then the fact that this is a golf course with lots of water and even hills.  Not a good combination.

Eventually, this city council member bit off a little more than he could chew when he went to pass a fellow chaser.  The golf cart went tumbling down the hill slowly as it eventually found water, like oh so many of my golf balls have over the years.  This started everyone into a panic.  How would they explain why the city councilman got a golf cart stuck in the lake at night?  Never fear, there is always way.  They started working to pull the cart out together.  The water was cold and they all had headaches at this point, but they pulled through and got it out.

Only to find out that it had lost a wheel.  So, now they couldn’t figure out what they were going to do.  The city councilman decided to call a buddy from the police department that was off duty.  He came in and told them that he would handle and for them to go home.  Since that day, the city has, officially, chalked up the incident as a chase between the town’s drunk and the police in order to explain the damage and all of the tire marks all over the golf course.  However, Jamie and the city councilman, and all of the rest of their friends know what really happened that day: fun and a big old story to go with it for decades.